Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Maramon Convention begins on Sunday, 8th February.

The Great Lent begins on Sunday 15th February and ends with Easter on Sunday 5th April. Like in the previous year, I request all prayer group leaders to prepare a schedule for Lent prayers in your respective areas at your convenient time.

Friends , we are coming to the end of the financial year 2014-2015. All families may remit their dues of monthly subscription, one-day income offering, Harvest festival auction amount, Christmas offering, donations for “Home for the Homeless” (Rs. 15,00,000 for three houses), Chettipalayam chapel maintenance, Diocesan Suvisesha Nidhi, Diocesan evangelist’s support, etc.

On Sunday, February 8th we will have our parish General Body meeting to elect the Office Bearers for 2015-2016. May I remind you to exercise your responsibility with all seriousness and utmost care. Let us make sure that our attendance intentions, opinions and choices in the general body are made without any fear or favour. For that let us seek God’s grace and guidance. Make sure to elect people who are endowed with the qualities of devotion to God, love of the Church, good Christian Witness, integrity and willingness to take part in the committees and general bodies. Elect people who are absolutely free from all kinds of addiction, except an addiction to Jesus Christ. Abstain from any sort of public or secret campaigning for any one or any cause.

Friends, why do you come to church on Sunday? There are some people who think going to church every Sunday and participating in Holy Qurbana regularly would be ritualistic, some would say, “Why should I give to the church any donation, subscription, offertories, etc.,?” “Why should I attend Prayer Group, Sevika Sangham, Youth, Edavaka Mission, Senior Citizen’s Fellowship, Committee, or General Body meetings?” For such people here is one Testimony:

Every Sunday morning an old man would walk quite a distance to his church. He was deaf so he could not hear the sermon, the singing of the choir, the liturgy or the prayers.

Once a neighbour asked him, “Why do you spend your Sundays in Church when you cannot hear a word?”

“I want the people around me to know which side I am on,” he replied.

Friends, how about you? Do your neighbours know which side you are on? Let us resolve to be loyal to the Lord and his Church by dedicating our time, talent and money to his service.

May this Lent give us the strength for victorious living every day.

With Prayerful Regards

Yours affectionately in the Lord’s Service

Rev. Jaims Thomas

Marthoma Church coimbatore